Campus Writing Centers

At several colleges and universities, including Berea, there are writing centers where students can go to get input throughout the writing process. Most people who have been writing for any amount of time have figured out that writing is a messy process. You write something, then you have to rewrite, and then write some more, until you eventually have to turn in the paper.

Writing centers can be great places to have other people read over your writing and offer suggestions. Most writing centers do not serve as an editing and proofreading center, but they can provide you with resources for things like comma rules. I’ll post a blog soon with tips on how to edit and proofread your own papers, as well as your friends’ papers.

It’s always a good idea to have as many different eyes on your writing as possible, so have lots of different people read it and give you input. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with their input, or follow their advice, but they may notice something that could really improve your paper.

If you’re a Berea student, you can visit Peer consultation in the Center for Transformative Learning as often as you’d like, and for FREE!

You may be wondering why you’d want to go to your campus writing center if you’ve taken your paper to your TA to look over, TAs are a wonderful resource, but relying on one person’s opinion of your work may not yield the results you’re hoping for. It would be a wonderful idea to take your paper to your TA and your writing center; this can be done at different points in the paper, if that would be helpful.


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